Dead Island — PS3

I must say, that I have been playing the new Dead Island game for the PS3 for 3 days now and below is my review:


I think this game’s gameplay is very easy. The flow is simple. Moving and fighting off the zombies is also a very simple task. So far, I only completed about 6% of the game (according to the game) and the story for it is pretty good.

You get immersed on a beautiful tropical resort island that gets infected by the zombie virus. This virus then turns everyone on the island into zombies and you and 3 other controllable characters are not affected by their bites. You do run across other survivors trying to survive and they in turn give you various missions (some needed to continued the story and some just to upgrade various weapons you get and experience.)

To me, this game is a lot like Grand Theft Auto on Crack with Zombies. There are parts where you can pick up abandon cars and driving around running over zombies who are eating other corpses. You can pick up a wide variety of weapons in the game just like Grand Theft Auto, but they do end up breaking on you after some time.


I feel this game is pretty challenging just for 1 person alone. The beauty of this though is that you can go online and join up with 3 other playable characters and they can help you complete missions and fight the zombie hordes with you.


From what I was told by Gamestop, your looking at at least 50 hours of gameplay. I think they are right. I think you can log in much more especially if you try and do all the side quests in this game.

My Score:

My scoring system will work on this game reviews like any normal 5 star system will go, except I will use 5 Triforces to give a reference to my favorite game of all time Zelda.

So that being said, I give this game 4 out of 5 Triforces. It loses a star so far because I am not sold on the auto saving nature and it does have some glitches regarding freezing when your playing Co-Op.

Entourage A Tribute

What can I really say about the ending of one of my all time favorite tv shows of all time.  Ever since that summer day back in 2004 that we stepped into the life of Vincent Chase, Ari Gold and the rest of the gang I have been hooked.  When it comes to Entourage I am obsessed and have probably wore my DVDs out from over playing them over the years.  This Sunday September 11th, 2011 is where we say goodbye. The following is just what I would like to see happen this sunday.  Warning if you haven’t seen this season yet I do have some Spoilers so stop reading if you haven’t watched it. You have been warned.

I can not help but feel that the Gang has become my family over the last 7 years.  We have went though the ups and downs with so many people that it has been imbedded as a memory deep within my sub conscience.  With the finale approaching I am hoping that Doug Ellin gives us more then 21 minutes of entertanment that has plagued the 8th season.  Yet as I would like to see some closer with the gang I still want to see some disappointments and a few plot holes to remain open for a movie down the road.  If Sex and the City can have two movies we can have at least one.  For one I want to see Turtle do something on his own with his recently made money.  If one character that has come the furthest would be Jerry Ferrara’s Turtle.  He has come from a pot smoking slacker to someone who has tried his hardest to set himself apart out of the spotlight of Vince and try to do something for him on his own.  I would like to see Turtle set plans in motion for his restaurant idea and bring on some baked clams.

When it comes to E though I think his character has suffered and has become worse over the years and I do not see that close bond between him and Vince as we did in earlier seasons. I really do not want to see him and Solan get back together, they are on a rollercoaster of love and they more and more remind me of Sammy and Ronnie from the Jersey Shore which has become rather annoying.  Drama is loved all around and I just want him to have Johnny Bananas be a hit and have him become successful.

When it comes to my favorite character of Ari Gold I really would like to have his marriage with Mrs Ari (Melissa) end.  I understand that Ari runs his mouth and has his own sense of how he deals with situations I feel that she is totally taking this the wrong way and she is being spoiled.  Ari has always had a good heart and he has always tried to do what was best for him and his family.  So I hope that they end there marriage and he ends up with Dana Gordon.

I am not going to include Vince in this because I think he was lucky, I don’t see how his mediocre chill personality has gotten him so much success and fame. Plus if this is based off of Mark Wahlberg shouldn’t he be more built.  Time to hit the gym Vince.

Finally lets hope that we have something happen that is the ending of this chapter and a beginning of another.

Welcome to the World of Pro Hockey

Hokay, with this being my first post on basically anything not called Facebook or Twitter I’ll get this out of the way now.  I am not the most gifted writer in the world.  My commas, periods, and other punctuation marks will be out of place.  I may have run on sentences and other things and so on and so on.  But hey, ya never know i could do something pretty cool on here, or I could completely suck at everything that has to do with blogging.

Now on to what really matters: The world or pro hockey.  The NHL season is right around the corner.  With every new season comes an interesting off-season.   But with this off-season it wasn’t the talks of blockbuster trades, signed free agents, or movement of teams that linger before the first puck drop. This off-season did have its new additions to some big name teams. But it also came with a few too many losses from the sport itself.

On May 13th the NHL suffered it first of four major tragedies.  The loss of 28 year old Derek Boogard. Boogard wasn’t the most talented player in the league, But he was one of the most feared. Standing at 6’7″ 265lbs and having 277 games under his belt with only 3 goals and 13 assists and a slight 588 PIM’s The Boogey Man stated his claim to the top tough guy in the heavyweight division.

With the off-season if high gear and the Stanley Cup in mid swing of its summer travels the NHL was struck with its second tragedy of the summer. The 27 year old Rick Rypien of the Vancouver Canucks was also taken from what he loved he most on August 15th.Rypien also not being much of a scorer, in his six stints with the Canucks he tallied only 9 Goals and 7 Assists. It was his presence on the ice that gave him his role on the Presidents Trophy winning Canucks. With his career total 226 penalty minutes, and one small meeting between him and a fan. It was Rypiens heart, attitude, and love for the game that earned respect from his team mates and competition.

Not even a month after Rick Rypiens passing the NHL had lost another big man. On August 31st Wade Belak of the Nashville Predators tragically took his own life.Belak had played a total of 549 games spanning over 14 years in the NHL and played with 5 different clubs in that time(Colorado,Calgary,Toronto,Florida,Nashville) In that time he recorded 8 Goals, 25  Assists, 33 Points, and 1,263 PIM’s.  Again Wade was not the most gifted of goal scorers but it was his big body and strong physical play that cashed his checks and earned him spots on multiple talented teams.

With the biggest tragedy of the summer only happening yesterday,  The KHL team Lokomotiv Yaroslavl had been a part of a tragic plane crash in which 43 of the 45 passengers were killed. I feel that it is the biggest sports tragedy since the similar incident of the Marshall plane crash in 1970. For those of you who are not familiar with the KHL, it is the Russian pro hockey league. Yaroslavl being a three-time KHL champion and featuring some ex-NHL players and a lot of young players with promising futures. 

With all the Losses that Pro Hockey has suffered this off-season my thoughts, prayers, and well-wishes go out to all that lost a loved one.  But with all the tragic losses this season will be touched with what exactly these men played for and what they lost there lives for. I hope we can all enjoy the 2011-2012 season.

The Debt

While the debt is something you are likely to incur going to a movie and grabbing a popcorn these days, The Debt is the latest a Nazi hunting movie to hit theaters.

This movie stars Helen Mirren and Tom Wilkinson. Essentially, it’s Munich for geriatrics. In fact, to round out the elderly threesome is Ciaran Hands who appeared in both movies.

It starts with the three of them scheduled to meet to celebrate the opening of a book about their heroics when they were tasked to capture a fugitive Nazi in their younger days.

Their younger versions are played by Sam Worthington, Marton Csokas, and Jessica Chastain. Worthington, probably the biggest star of the three, is given the less to work with. Chastain, who has made a name for herself this summer with Tree of Life and The Help, ably navigates the love triangle.

The movie is at its best when it’s Mission Impossible-y. Kidnap a dude and get him across the border. That was their mission and they chose to accept it.

The kidnap “victim” was a doctor played by Jesper Christensen. His scenes are tense.  If hunting down a Nazi butcher weren’t bad enough, he gets sized up by an agent who has to double as his gynecological patient.

Christensen is talented and, like Christoph Waltz in Inglorious Basterds, he seems to enjoy playing pure evil.

Englishman John Madden, Shakespeare in Love, directs. It’s less than 2 hours long, but doesn’t always feel it.

Hurricane Irene

It’s ironic to me that a storm that started in Africa could affect so many people and cause such a hype that I spent the majority of my weekend preparing, drinking, and then recovering. OK well the drinking and recovering part was of my own volition but I digress… At this point in my life I have seen several storms (noreasters and hurricanes) that have threatened and moved through the South Jersey area. It’s kind of entertaining to me to see how everyone reacts to what local news media broadcasts. My mother is the biggest supporter of Action News and clings to every word that the 5 o’clock news tells her. Whenever there is news of an impeding storm my mother is the first to call and start freaking out. I really think that she is one of the first to jump in her car to make a mad dash to the store to buy milk, bread, and water. I will never set foot in a Shop Rite when the news goes crazy!!!